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CBR 150R
Power Figures Gears Brakes Top Speed Best Mileage Weight Price
150cc   17bhp 6 Speed (F) 276mm Disk  
(R) 220mm Disk
130 kmph 40 kmpl 143 kg ~122210
  • Honda CBR 150R
  • Honda CBR 150R
  • Honda CBR 150R
  • Honda CBR 150R
  • Honda CBR 150R
The Honda CBR 150R comes as a younger sibling to the popular CBR 250R. Powered by a single cylinder, fuel-injected 150cc engine. Honda CBR 150R offers more than enough performance for urban riding. The rev-happy 150cc unit is mated to a 6-speed gearbox and produces around 17hp.Honda CBR 150R is not an absolute sports bike, yet it manages to strike a commendable balance between sportiness and efficiency. Once you mount the motorcycle though, it?s instantly clear that the Honda CBR 150R is smaller and narrower than the Honda CBR 250R in dimensions, but still larger than say the Duke. The look and feel though is identical to the larger CBR ? the clocks, the tank shape and even the riding position is similar. The quality though is better, even though we were disappointed by the choice of switchgear which is more like what you get on cheaper, more commuter-centric Honda bikes. The 150R's forte though is its dynamics ? it feels light, precise and extremely communicative around a bend. You can place it in a corner where you want and how you want by just lightly feeding your inputs to the handlebar. There's lots of feedback from the chassis too and the tyres allows you to carry speed around a corner without scaring yourself. Braking too is very good ? there's less bite initially, but when it comes in, it comes in hard and with so much feel and linear progression, you can get on the brakes hard and hold it there knowing exactly what the front tyre is doing. the 150R?s dynamic ability should be married to the performance prowess of the 250R. But, even with the 150cc powerplant, the 150R is a joy to ride especially if you love tackling corners; you?d always come out the other side with a wide, satisfied grin. The bike shares a lot of design cues with the latter, however, it differentiates itself with its snazzy two-tone paint scheme.
Detailed Specifications
Engine TypeSingle Cylinder, Liquid Cooled Front SuspensionTelescopic
Engine Capacity150 cc Rear SuspensionPro Link
Power17 bhp Wheelbase1296 mm
Torque13 nm Kerb/Wet Weight143 kg
Transmission6 speed Fuel Tank Capacity13 ltr
Front Tyre100/80-17 Battery12V
Rear Tyre130/70-17 Performance (0-60)
Front Brake276mm Disk Top Speed 130 kmph
Rear Brake220mm Disk Mileage40 kmpl
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